Welcome Home, Garay Family

Garay House Dedication

Then they went home. – John 20:10

The Story Concludes

Bags packed and getting ready to head to Mexico

The dawn broke as we rolled out of the ABF parking lot a little before 6:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 8th. Twelve team members made the trek down to Ensenada, Mexico to witness the family walk through the door of their new home.

Every good trek starts with a hearty breakfast that we enjoyed at Pipes in Cardiff by the Sea. From there, we headed south to the U.S./Mexican border.

Mexican Border

During our July visit, the tollbooths were closed due to a dispute. This time, they were open under Policia Federali and Mexican Army support.

The ocean flanked us on our right, and it was a beautiful, yet overcast day. Our ride involved some tasty donuts and other snacks to keep us energized.

John eating some donuts

After dropping some donations off at the YUGO campus, we headed to the Garay Home.

The Garay Family Home

The Garay Family home sits only a few short blocks from the YUGO compound. As we turned the corner and proceeded up a little rise we saw their new home.

It is gorgeous!

The roof line was vaulted, and all four sides were complete with windows, doors, siding and sliding doors.

The inside had an open floor plan that housed the kitchen, dining and living rooms. The exposed beams and trusses invited natural light into the space while making the room feel larger than in reality.

In week two, many structural decisions changed the roof line which created a play loft for the kids.

The home has a total of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office, and a kitchen/dining/living area. There is a front porch and a side for vehicle, and a tiny backyard area. This home will be a great entertaining environment.

The house is surrounded by a chainlink fence with razor wire. Utilities (sewer, water, electricity) were primed and ready for hook up by the local municipality.

The Garden Church, based in Chatsworth, CA, was the final team to work on the home and has been participating with YUGO for eight years.

Celebration Lunch

The reason for our early departure alllowed us to take part in the celebration lunch with The Garden Church, YUGO staff and family.

We had a some amazing fish tacos, carne asada, and ciracha on tostadas. This gave the teams a chance to talk, and get to know each other while celebrating the Garay Family.

You can’t go wrong with tacos!! Yummy!!

House Dedication

The culmination of the day was the house dedication (and our reason for being there). Five weeks ago, we kicked off the build of their new home.

This home represents love, care, kindness, God’s provision and so much more.

There were three bands of participants:

  • The Garden Church – key deliverers
  • Our church – kicked off the build
  • YUGO Staff
Garay House Dedication

In total, there were sixty people that saw and testified to God’s faithfulness and provision.

As is customary, the family enters the home, and the participants gather inside for a prayer of blessing led by the pastor.

It was exciting to be a part of the Garay home build, and we look forward to next year, as we will be a part of another staff build.

U.S. Border Bound

After the key ceremony, we said our good-bye’s to some Yugo interns & staff, and made our way towards the border.

As Kevin drove, the team slept in the back of the van which gave us ample time to get some great photographs.

Our usual border exit (San Ysidro) was backed up into Tijuana, so we proceeded to Otay Mesa. It was at this time that we got into the wrong lane which led to a 1.5 hour delay.

After a brief discussion with the CBP, we headed for the Ready Lanes, and quick trip across the border. We concluded the evening with a quick dinner before heading home.

The final chapter in our Mexico 2019 experience is complete. God did amazing things in our lives, and in the lives of whom we served.
We were blessed to be a blessing!

If you want to experience a life-changing vacation, our Mexico 2020 signups begin August 29. You can add your name to our interest list here.

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