VBS: Las Delicias Style

Shortly after 11:30 am today, we pulled out of the YUGO compound onto a dry and dusty dirt road bound for Calvary Chapel Las Delicias. Paul Miller and I were driving in a caravan style trying to keep pace with Ivan as we negotiated U-Turns, gas stations and crazy left-hand turns in Rosarito.

I have a truck full of water, water balloons and some fun loving adults. As we enter the township of Las Delicias, we are greeted with a mix of new homes and older neighborhoods. Arriving at the church, I expected something different.

Las Delicas Neighborhood

The church was a small add-on building that covers over three parking stalls in front of three apartments.

There’s a stage, TV, cross, drums and a podium.

Las Delicas Church

There was no fancy lighting system or sound system, just a simple structure to house this church plant. The church sits as an arrival building for the courtyard of apartments that line both sides of the driveway.

Las Delicas VBS Notice

The day was already blistering hot, and I could feel the sweat running down my back as I exited the vehicle. Kids were already showing up and were anxious to get to soccer and jump rope before VBS got started.

Kids jumped with glee while trying to get their jump roping groove going. At the opposite end of the courtyard, a make-shift soccer field had been constructed on the courtyard tarmac.

Jumprope Ministry
Soccer Ministry

Game on – soccer balls were flying, and fancy footwork led the way towards a few goals this afternoon.

Looking to Score


VBS kicked off with some rousing music led by the YUGO interns who were more like a hype crew then musicians. They got right in there with the kids and captured the hearts of these children. They ushered these kids into the presence of God through fun and laughter.

Las Delicas VBS Inside

Las Delicas VBS Inside Tonto Song

Skits / Lessons

Each skit set the stage for the lesson of God’s love for these kids. It didn’t matter that we did not speak their language or vice versa. God works through translators and a universal smile.

Nikki and Sandra

Las Delicas VBS Participation

Learning Bible Verses

Girls Learning Scripture

Learning More About Jesus

Craft time

On this day, the kids were crafting picture frames for display in their homes. They cut and glued and stickered their way to their masterpiece.

Craft Supplies

Craft Time

Making Picture Frames

Girl Coloring Picture Frame

Little Girl and Picture Frame

The remnants of their triumph remained on the floor of the church. Some were more intricate than others, but each was hand-crafted with love.

Craft Remnants

Game Time

The highlight of the day was game time. Kids came barreling out of the church and headed up the street for balloon games, a three-legged race, and an epic water balloon toss.

Going for the Win

Kid wBalloon

Boys 3 Legged Race

Miller Family Demo Game

Glee and delight were written all over their faces. Big kids and little kids were equal as they ran their way to victory.

Big Kids and Little Kids

Cheering on Teammates

Water Balloons

The water balloon toss was a welcome addition on this hot, summer day. The anticipation rippled through the kids as they lined up to throw their water balloon to their partner.

Water Balloon Toss

In some cases, after the water balloons had broken, some kids headed over to play a little defense while the older kids were still tossing.

Water Balloon Defense

The remaining water was going to be dumped on one unsuspecting leader, but it never got that far as the kids dove head first into the tub and created a make-shift water fight. You did not want to get in the middle of this dog pile, but it sure looked fun!

Water Fun

Water Fight on Hot Summer Day

Water in All Directions


VBS ended as quickly as it began and we packed our items back in our vehicles and pulled out into the streets of Las Delicias. As we made our way back to the compound, our hearts were joyful remembering the kids that came through the doors of the VBS.

Hannah and Young Boy

Joseph Talking wKid

Whether you have a jump rope, a soccer ball, a camera or some craft supplies, God will use you and your availability to change the hearts of those whom you encounter..

Jumprope Miscue

Soccer Fun

Dave and Joseph-Cameraman Duel

Craft Hand Out

Sandra and Picture Frame

What do you have that can be used to start a conversation of eternal significance?

Tomorrow, we will be traveling to the other vacation bible school to join God in His work.

Didn’t Get Enough Pictures?

Check out these and other precious photos from the Las Delicias VBS Ministry at our Day 4 Highlights page.

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