Show Me The Mermaid!

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Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples. – John 13:35

Guest Blogger: Juliana Moss

My favorite part of the trip was VBS because I got to see bunch of kids & help them to learn about God. 

Kids doing crafts

Cassie, Abby & I were worship leaders.  And I had 3 different parts in the VBS skits.  My all time favorite skit part was when I was Prophet Nathan because I had most talking part. 

My second favorite part was being a messenger who pretend-rode a horse (which is great because I love riding horses) to David to deliver the message about King Saul’s death.  My least favorite skit part was being King Saul’s servant because I just stood around.

It was really sweet when we handed out stuffed animals to the children especially when Diana & David attacked me in the car with their stuffed animals.  I loved when Diana came up from behind & just started hugging me.  One time when Diana was hugging me from behind, I fell backwards, but thankfully I didn’t crush her.

Cassie, Diana, David, & I had messy but fun time painting the walls for the house.  I really liked how eager David & Diana were to help.  Silvia (mother) had the happiest smile on her face when she saw the peach tree we planted on our last day.

Mermaid stuffed animal on bed

Before the family’s arrival for the key ceremony, I had peaked into the house & saw a mermaid doll on Silvia & Diana’s bed. 

Family enters their new home

When the family entered the house, I heard Diana shrieking with excitement, & I just knew she had found the mermaid.  When the father invited us into the house, Diana grabbed my wrist & pulled me to show me the Mermaid!

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I am nine years old.  This is my first mission trip.  I am a horse back rider!!

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  1. Bless you Juliana. It was a great week serving our Ensenada families in the name of Jesus.

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