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Editor’s Note: Cameron Rogstad served as our Mexico 2019 Transportation Coordinator, and he did an amazing job!

You are going to love his vulnerability, his humor, and most of all his love for Jesus and the people of Mexico.

Put your hands together, and give a massive shout out, to today’s guest blogger…Cameron Rogstad.

Dave asked me in December 2018 whether I would be willing to be the transportation coordinator for our July 2019 Yugo trip.  

“It isn’t that hard”, he said.  

“I have everything written down that you need to know.”  

“Piece of cake”

Well, it didn’t turn out quite that way as we had a couple of unplanned situations develop (accident / keys locked in van) that required a fair bit of my time. 

Van accident damage
Oops..There was a slight problem with the door

Undeterred, a few weeks after being back, Dave asked me if I would be willing to be the transportation coordinator again, sometime in the future.  

I wasn’t completely certain how to respond.

I thought I would reflect on that question today.


This was the Rogstad clan’s third trip to Mexico as part of our ABF/Yugo Mexico ministry.  We have been going every other year for several years now.  

Picture of the Rogstad Family

Deciding to sign up wasn’t the easiest decision we have ever made.  I only get one week of vacation during the summer due to work constraints. 

Was I going to use that one-week to volunteer my time helping others, while getting sore, sweaty, and potentially putting my family in harms way?  

Especially, after reading several articles stating how the best way to maximize impact for His kingdom in far off places is to donate money, I, thankfully, arrived at a yes (after prayer and with the help of some friends).

Here is why:

First, while I am a servant of Christ here in Agoura Hills just as much as I am one in Ensenada, carving out a week’s time where my entire focus is on serving anyone and everyone around me helps my own connection to God grow so much.  

Cameron handing the keys to the Perez-Lopez Family

The servant in me is drawn out which has lasting benefits back in Agoura long after I have left our wonderful Yugo campus.

Second, the bond and connection that we build with our ABF family multiplies exponentially while serving together down in Mexico.  

House Dedication

We all share one house, and at times it feels like one bathroom, but despite being on top of each other, it draws us closer together

Cameron working late on transportation changes for the next day

God desires that we stay connected as part of His body and this trip helps us do that.  My connection to the brothers and sisters I served with down in Mexico is strong.

Third, the trip is a big event in our year.  When our family reflects on our memories of the past year, it is easy to forget about some of the day-to-day stuff,  but this Yugo trip stands out.

It is a big deal.  We usually end up acquiring some hilarious souvenirs down in Mexico that serve as reminders, just in case we would forget.  

Gotta love the souvenirs!

I have found that this creates easy conversation opportunities.  It isn’t always a simple thing for me to smoothly move the conversation from a trivial one to an eternal one.  

Being able to reflect upon, and recount, details of this trip allows me to do that.

While the transportation coordinator job carried with it a couple of extra challenges this year, it also provided me with an opportunity to grow in exhibiting a servant’s heart.  

By me taking on that role in His service, someone else did not have to, and I am grateful for that.  

I know that He is as well.  

So yes Dave, if called upon again, it would be my sincere privilege to serve as transportation coordinator sometime in the future.

Cameron Rogstad served as the Transportation Coordinator for 2019 ABF Mexico Missions Team. He is an avid game player!

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