Purposeful Packing – Life Change Ahead

We’re two short days away from piling into cars and making a run for the border. The next few days will be spent pushing and cramming all the things into our bags, and praying we didn’t forget anything.

Purposeful Packing

I always find packing an interesting exercise. As a storyteller, my bags contain my tools for sharing what God will do amongst those whom I will be serving.

As the team prepares for the week ahead, our thoughts move towards the people whom God will lay before our paths.


For some of us, our lives will intersect with a family who desperately needs a home. We will lovingly craft an amazing gift that God wants to give a family.

Our love will manifest itself in the building of a blessing we do not understand today, but one week from now, we will see that love revealed.


For others in the group, their lives will intersect children who need to see Christ’s love lived out before them.

Our group will share stories in two different communities, and ask God to bring people into our crosswalk that need this life-changing message that only Christ can provide.

Behind Bars

Some will see the inside of a Mexican prison and will carry the life-changing message of Christ to men who only know three walls and the clanging of a cell door.

In the shadows of hopelessness, there will be hope for these men. These men will intersect with some of us, and all of our lives will never be the same.

We will share how Christ can release them from their demons and forgive the sins that bind them.

Life Change

Packing takes on a new meaning as we cram our clothes, tools and gear into cases and cars that will guide us across the border.

In each of our bags is a unique story that will unfold over the coming week.

When we return, our hearts will be different because our lives intersected with people who needed hope, help, love and the life-changing power of Christ.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. Don’t miss a single update – it’s going to be an exciting adventure!

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  1. Dave,
    Hope the trip goes well. I’ll be watching the messages and will be praying for you, the team and those you all minister to. Via con Dios.

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