Packing Day

The time has finally arrived for us to hit the road and head to Mexico. It seemed like yesterday when we were taking sign-ups for the trip back in October of 2016. Over the course of several months, we assembled a team of 42 people who will be making their way to the Mexican border tomorrow.

Suitcase with shoes

Final preparations are underway as we start (or finish) our packing for the trip. Our suitcases are quickly filling up with all the clothes and goodies we want to take on the trip.

Our week begins Sunday evening at the YUGO campus with dinner and a conversation with our families whom we will be serving this week. Through the generosity of many people, we are blessed to build two houses for deserving families.

During the week, we will:

  • Build two (2) houses with bano’s
  • Conduct a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for kids in the community
  • Use sports to facilitate spiritual conversations with children from the community
  • Minister to the mothers in the community
  • Provide a meal for the neighborhood children each day
  • Minister to incarcerated men in a local prison

Building a Better Tomorrow

Sunday evening, we will meet the Munoz-Ortega family and the Munoz-Mendez family, and hear more of their stories.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for our email list, you can sign up here. We will be sending out prayer updates, stories from the road, photographs and more. We would love to have you share this experience with us.

You can also find us on Instagram (@abfmissions).

I am still packing, so I best be getting back to it. We can’t wait to share the stories, and photographs with you. The internet might be a little spotty down in Mexico, but we will do our best to get stories and pictures up as quick as possible. Thanks for joining us on our journey!

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