Ministering to the Little Ones

While ministering in Mexico, a few of us got to see YUGO’s Orphan Care ministry. Weaving through the back roads of Rosarito, we came upon a beautiful two story home that housed six, precious little ones who were missing their families.

Each little one had a different story.

Valerie Holding Baby

Juan, the Director of Orphan Care, shared earlier in the week the tenets of their ministry:

  • Restoration of the family
  • Temporary housing
  • Fostering
  • Adoption

These little ones were adorable. Their eyes were bright as they sat in their high chairs around the kitchen island.

Baby's Home

As we entered the space, we were immediately greeted to a non-traditional Mexican residence. There was a play area just inside, a small outdoor enclosed space on the opposite side and a kitchen most women would love to have.

As we toured the home, a beautiful gathering area sat just off the kitchen for playing, reading and being together. Down the hall, there were cribs for the little ones to rest under the watchful care of their stewards (and a state of the art video surveillance system).

Crib Room 1

Crib Room 2

A decked out changing and bathing room was adjacent to their sleeping quarters. Every church nursery should have one of these rooms.

Baby Washroom

Beautiful faces with smiles that dance and delight hung on the hallway walls as a reminder of God’s love, grace, and provision for these young orphans.

Kids Fostered

Several of these little ones were reunited with family members or placed in loving foster families. As we concluded our time at the baby’s house, a young girl was sitting at the edge of the kitchen island learning how to adapt to her new world filled with all kinds of sounds.

A few days earlier, she had received her cochlear implants that opened up a new world for her. AnneMarie, a member of our team, who has a 75% hearing loss, gravitated towards this young girl.

As she showed this shy girl her hearing aids, she smiled at her and began to sign for her and talk with her as only someone who understands her situation can.


Watching from a short distance, I marveled at God’s great provision and preparation.

God saw fit to equip our little team for moments such as these. As AnneMarie shared part of her life with this young girl, we saw Jesus among us caring for His little ones through His servant AnneMarie.

Christ asked us to care for His sheep, and that is what happened this Tuesday morning in Rosarito, Mexico.

Rebekah and Addison - Girl Scouts Stuff

New Transition Home

The beauty of this neighborhood is that in addition to the baby’s home, there is a teen home and a new transition home for teens transitioning from high school to college.

Sitting atop a small hill and overlooking the baby’s home, sits a new home that will house up to twelve young men and women over two floors.

Baby House and Transition Home

The building will be a modern, dorm style with a kitchen, living space, bath space and three bedrooms on each floor. These students will pay rent, go to school, get a part-time job and have a space to live and call home.

New Transition Home In Progress

What a vision to care and provide an environment where students can grow and prepare for life while being loved on by staff and friends. This space is going to be amazing!

Teen Home & The Only Grass Soccer Field in Town

Across the street, the teen home sits on a beautiful piece of property complete with an amphitheater, dental clinic, and the only grass soccer field in the area.

Teen Home wGrass Soccer Field

Soccer is the sport of choice in Mexico, and most fields are dirt. What a blessing. Currently, the teen home houses approximately twenty-teens (mostly boys).

Some will join a family this year, and others will be loved and cared for by the staff. Ideally, the teen home will house 12 boys and 12 girls of various ages with the older kids learning responsibility by caring for the younger ones.

Hope & Restoration

The Orphan Care Ministry of YUGO provides hope to hurting children. Their passion is to restore families, grow families through fostering and adoption, and be a light in the community.

God is in the restoration business.

Today, ask God,

How can I help the orphaned around me?

God may call you to foster or adopt or pray for godly families who will love and guide these kids. May our prayer be for family restoration, healing and giving children a loving place to call home regardless of family origins.

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