La Gran Partida (The Great Departure)

The Tour de France kicked off today (Saturday), but our Great Departure begins tomorrow. It is hard to believe that the time has arrived for our trip. God has been so good to us.


The team is incredible and a mix of singles and families. This trip is unique because we encourage families to be a part of an experience that changes the lives of the people whom we serve, but it changes each of us. It is one of those vacations you will be talking about for years, and you will want your friends to be a part of it the next time.

As we pack our bags and think about how we view our comfortable surroundings, our hearts lean into how God will use each us. There will be team members building, kicking soccer balls, making kids laugh, painting (lots of painting), capturing the stories, and creating crafts that remind children of a life-changing Jesus.

This week as I prepared for my role in the trip, I studied an adventure photographer. He challenged photographers and storytellers with one question:

What one image could tell the whole story?

Jimmy Chin (Adventure Photographer)

Mind Blown

Are you kidding me?

I need at least 1,000 photographs to tell the story. They do say a photograph is worth a thousand words, but finding the right photograph each day that captures our mission and purpose will be challenging and fun.

Each day, you will read stories of lives changed for generations. Our passion is to be The Hands and Feet of Jesus and to Change Communities For Christ. When we walk alongside the hurting and joyful, our hearts and lives are never the same.

The team will be building homes for the Garay and Perez-Lopez Families. For the Garay Family, he leads the team that produces all the creative for YUGO. I am so thrilled that we get an opportunity to serve them, and say thank you for serving us so faithfully.

For the Perez-Lopez Family, they do not know Christ and we have the unique opportunity to build a home for them that will serve as a testimony to God’s care and love for them. Our prayer is that through this opportunity they will come into a personal relationship with Christ.

God is good, and we anxiously await what God has in store for us this week. If you haven’t signed up for our updates, you can sign up here. Share this exciting journey with your friends, families, and colleagues.

God is at work and we begin in two short days.

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  1. I am pleased and honored to know I am apart of this trip from afar. So excited to watch all the service and love. So many friends and loved ones sharing Gods love from their hearts and hands. Praying for you all. Leslie

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