Kevin, Are You With Us?

It was shortly after 12:30 pm today when we rolled out of the Yugo Ministries parking lot in National City bound for Mexico.

In just a few short minutes we would find ourselves in the “S” turns of the Mexico border crossing.

Mexico Border Crossing

We were quickly moved into secondary inspection and then just as easily as we moved in, we were sent on our way.

And then the fun began…

Our caravan was instantly separated. Kevin’s van thought we saw the group go one way when in fact they went the other way.

We proceeded to tour Tijuana in search of Costco where the rest of the team waited for us. We found Costco, just not the Costco where the rest of the team was located.


So the team came to us.

Back together again, the group snaked its way through the streets of Tijuana and John’s voice crackled over the walkie talkie’s,

Kevin, are you with us?

At every bend in the road, the now familiar phrase crackled over the airwaves – Kevin, are you with us?

The laughter coming from Kevin’s van seemed like it could be heard all throughout Tijuana.

Bienvenidos Sign

Yugo Ministries Compound

Group Welcome

Arriving at our home away from home for the next week, we were treated to our accommodations that overlook the beautiful Pacific Ocean and a roadway that needed some gravel TLC.

We were up for the challenge.

We shoveled.

Kids Shoveling

Group Gravel

Gravel Hill

And wheelbarrowed.

And raked our way to a beautiful roadway that will be finished tomorrow afternoon.

Raking the Driveway


Some Fun Around Camp

Soccer Kick

Back of the Soccer Goal


All In a Day’s Journey

Plans are great and necessary to keep a team of 39 operating at peak performance, but sometimes the smallest change in direction can leave the team wondering where you are.

When God is at work, we are bound to encounter misdirection and attempts from the evil one to throw us off our game.

It might be easy to wonder how could this possibly be part of the plan, but it is part of the plan, just not the one we had constructed or conceived.

God steps and lights our path to show us what it is that is most important, and what will cause our faith to grow stronger.

The Cross Our Hope

Today was just a side step into a greater tomorrow.

What side steps have you encountered in the last week that have led you to a greater tomorrow?

You might be surprised when you step back and see God’s hand gently pushing and pulling you into who He has created you to be.

One thought on “Kevin, Are You With Us?

  1. Laughing at the stories and saying amen!
    Thanks for blogging, photographing and sharing the team journey. You are all making a difference for the kingdom!

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