This is How My Leadership Grew in Mexico

Hello everyone, Noah Pacifici here!

I had the exciting opportunity a few weeks ago to be a part of the Mexico house build and thought I’d share my two cents on what I saw God do during the trip, and about the leadership position I had the privilege to fulfill.

Flexibility was a word that circulated through the Mexico team meetings prior to the trip, signaling that we, as the team members, would need to be flexible in our roles on the trip as the situation was subject to change.

Little did I know, that just an hour or so after our arrival at the Yugo campus, as God would have ordained, I would be one of the co-leaders for the Perez-Lopez house build.

Putting the finishing touches on the Perez Lopez home

Despite my limited house build experience (only building a house at Yugo once before), I agreed to fulfill the role knowing this may be an area in which God wants me to serve and grow.

I also knew that I would have Mr. Moss (a Mexico team member) and Alex (our YUGO foreman) to share the leadership responsibility.

John Moss and Noah cutting plywood with skill saw

As it turned out, my lack of expertise wasn’t a problem, as building instruction was given by the foreman.

Three Things I Learned

First, to serve where I was needed and help delegate specific roles/tasks for people to accomplish on the build.

Second, ensure we had adequate team members in the afternoons after nearly three quarters of our building team left to serve at the VBS.

Third, maintaining the schedule. Our biggest challenge quickly became the schedule, and we began to fall behind. Yet according to God’s plan, through the diligent service of our team, and a couple long days of work, the house was completed just in time for the key ceremony on Thursday afternoon.

Noah getting ready to cut a board

In addition to the leadership I got to experience on the house build, I also got a better picture of the leadership displayed by many of the fathers and older men of the team through their tireless service.

It was an opportunity for me to see godly men, using their gifts and wisdom to lead their families and the team in service of Christ. This was most impactful for me, especially when stepping into a leadership role on the house build.

Leadership is often made possible by having an example or role model to follow, and for me these men were role models I could follow who revealed Christ-like actions.

Just as Jesus exemplified servant leadership, by washing his disciples feet in John 13, so I saw a glimpse of the body of Christ where many men sacrificed their time, sleep, and gifts to lead and serve on the team.

They lead through their service alongside the team to help show the people of Mexico God’s love.

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