Homes, Soccer and Shopping Trips

Together we can accomplish what seems like the impossible. We are the penultimate day of our house building adventure, and we arrived today to see the roof started, the windows in place and trim being finished up.

When I departed for VBS yesterday afternoon, they were still putting plywood on the roof, and the trim was yet to be painted. Today, it was unbelievable to see the transformation.

Today was a busy day for all the teams.

The VBS concluded today with an epic game of soccer (from what I heard). Sharing the love of Jesus comes in many different forms. Sometimes it’s hammering a nail and other times its kicking a soccer ball around.

We concluded the day with a beautiful church service at our host church Trinity EV Free where we heard music from Chad and Erica (in Spanish), testimonies, encouragement and a message from Pastor John.

Since the day was super busy (including a trip to Home Depot and Walmart), our pics will be delayed a day. However, do not fear, we posted a ton of pics to Instagram today so you can see how things were progressing.


Tomorrow, we turn the keys over to the De La Rosa and Escamilla Family – it is sure to not be a dry eye in the house.

We are also working on a couple of other little treats for you. We hope you enjoyed the extra content we pushed you today with the videos YUGO produced.

Until tomorrow…

One thought on “Homes, Soccer and Shopping Trips

  1. I am so sad that I had to miss This. It it makes me so happy to see the same foreman from last year. His own family chipping in. I am so proud of my kids, my husband and my church family. My heart is so full Knowing gods Love and gRace. Love you all.

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