Home, Sweet, Home

Pacifici sound asleep on car ride home

Then they went home. – John 20:10

We Are Home

The team has been back one week, but the memories remain with us. Here’s some things that happened on the day of our return.

The team staggered their departure with the first team members crossing the border around 6:45 a.m. – John and I made it across the border in 8 minutes. Whoop, Whoop!

We then proceeded to have breakfast at Aunt Emma’s in Chula Vista while the second group approached the border.

Commissioning Misael

On their way to the border, the Rogstad/Pacifici group made a short stop in Rosarito to drop off our interpreter (and all around great guy) Misael.

Misael hammering a nail into a attic vent

Before the team departed, they took time to lay hands on Misael and commission him for greatness as he prepares for the fall semester.

Misael being prayed for by the team dropping him off

He was a huge asset to our team with VBS and the house build for the Perez-Lopez Family. Our ministry includes service to the families we build for, the community we serve in and to our team members.

Border Gifts Returns

When the Pacifici’s visit the U.S./Mexican border, you never know what gift may randomly appear at your vehicle from a street vendor.

This year was no different. Although, I was already near home when they came to the border, the text stream was hilarious.

The gifts were classic. These are the kinds of gifts you re-gift for white elephant gifts.

Car Wash and Laundry

After a week in Mexico, my poor car looked a little worse for wear. When you can write messages on your vehicle and it still be there when you arrive home, you know it’s time for a car wash.

The other items that needed to be done…laundry. That’s right – a mountain of laundry. According to one mom, she needed to do 20 loads of laundry. That’s like the Mt. Everest of laundry.

It was a fantastic week and we are glad to be home, but we left chunks of our hearts in Mexico.

The trip may be over, but we still have behind-the-scenes posts coming out over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Check out this blog and our Instagram page to see more stories of our time in Mexico.

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