Heart Story

Homeowners Smiling

This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples – when they see the love you have for each other. – John 13:35

Heart Melting

Love is… Doing Life Together

Love is… Meeting Needs

Love is… Sacrifice

Love is… Stolen Moments of Grace

In the sweet moments of life when we think no one is paying attention, we meet people engaged in a story that is still in process.

Mother and Boy pounding nails with a hammer

We are still in process.

Just as the houses we build are a work in progress, our lives echo this process. The framing is up, the siding is going on, and the interior parts of us are receiving a makeover as only God can provide.

Draywall going up in the interior of the house.

There is hope in the moments when we least expect it.

There is grace in the realization that we walk the same journey as the families we serve.

We delight in the moments that bring joy to our hearts. Our life journey is more precious when we share it with the ones we love.

Husband and wife cut wood together

Every shot that passes through the lens of the camera tells a story. Some photographs capture joy while others capture the reality of the world that surrounds us in Mexico.

The surrounding landscape around new home

It reminds us of a life we do not always understand, but desire to be part of changing a community, and leaving our fingerprints on the landscape.

Kids playing with chalk on ground
Fingerprints on back of shirt

Each day a new chapter in our story is written. When we look back over our time in Mexico, we ask a simple question:

What story are we writing?

House framing
Paint Team

Each of us bring our stories into this story, and that is what makes our trip unique. We may come back year after year, but each year a new story will be written.

Music lyrics foreground and people speaking in background

This is our story – one filled with hope, grace, and most importantly, love.

Love is… Being Jesus To Our Neighbors (Near and Far).

Girls with chalk on ground
Close up shot of a boys face

Our story is still being written. Stay tuned to see how it ends.

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