God Uses the Familiar to Change My Life

Editor’s note: Bre Winic is a college student at Biola University, and this is her third trip to Mexico with ABF. She loves soccer and shares her vulnerability in this post of what God did in her life as a result of this trip.

You will love her heart, and her humor. We were blessed to have her on the trip with us.

ABF has been my church home all through out high school. My family landed there when I was in middle school, and they have been my extended family in so many ways.

It was my safety net – they knew me since I was young, and accepted me just as I am. I was loved and welcomed since day one.

Then it came time for me to launch into adulthood by going “away” to college at Biola University. My first semester was extremely challenging, especially as I navigated my course load, living independent of my family, and making new friends.

By the second semester, this past Spring, my confidence sky-rocketed. I dove into my classes, joined several clubs on campus, and finally found my soul sisters away from ABF.

God led me to the BEST friends I could have ever asked for, and for that, I am so very, very thankful.

They push me to try new things and encourage me in my walk with the Lord every day.

We were extremely sad to part ways for the summer, and we have been counting down to the day we are reunited at Biola. Who knew I could ever find such amazing ladies to walk through college with me?

Only Jesus can make such a divine union happen. 😄


When it came time to join the Mexico Team again for the third time, I was dwelling a bit on the fact that I left my heart back at Biola and now I was committing to spend a whole week with my ABF peeps.

It took a grueling 30 seconds for me to be at home again with my ABF family – my home where I am loved and welcomed just as I am.

I was thrilled to join my (little) Ensenada brothers and sisters in daily soccer matches, teach them Bible Stories, and even hammer a nail or two into a house.

Bre helping put a jersey on a young boy

I slid right back in to the groove.


Hanging with my ABF family is an absolute BLAST in every way.

Winic Family
The Winic Family

I know we are SERVING and MINISTERING to the Yugo staff, the families, and anyone we encounter.

But here’s the deal.

While we are working, we are actually connecting, bonding, and ministering with and to each other.

Rachel and Bre

One person finishes my sentences. Another has my back through the drama of friendships. And the whole group listens while I confess the busyness in my life is distancing me from the Lord.

True faith was demonstrated when one of our leaders had me drive his vehicle (!!!!!!!!!!!) in Mexico!!

BRE Driving Dave's Car

While I DID get the vehicle (somehow) from Point A to Point B in one piece, I could barely see where we were going, since I was consumed by guffawing laughter the entire way.

Editor’s Note: Good to know this after the fact! 😄

While we went down there to improve people’s lives in Mexico, mine was changed in so many ways.

Bre and Faith

Biola offers many amazing, unique mission trip opportunities. I drooled last spring as I saw students preparing to leave for Uganda, Europe, Greece, and South America.

It looked like so much fun to bond with my campus homies, and prepare for a life-changing experience being the hands and feet of Jesus in a new place.


God led me to the familiar Yugo Missions trip with ABF and reminded me I do not need to travel far, or to a NEW destination, to make an impact for Jesus in God’s Kingdom.

And for that, I am forever thankful.

Bre Winic attends Biola University and is the former ABF Children’s Ministry Assistant. This is her third trip to Mexico with ABF.

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