Crazy U-Turn Ahead

We have quickly come to realize that not all roads are created equal in Mexico. You can have smooth roads, bumpy dirt roads and some under construction. This U-Turn is one of the craziest I have ever experienced. This u-turn allows our group to get onto the highway to get to church.

Crazy U-Turn

Just like this crazy u-turn, God welcomes and invites us to whip a crazy u-turn. He paves the way for each of us to live a better life – a transformed life.

Think about your own life for a minute.

Have you experienced a crazy u-turn in your life and opened your heart to Jesus?

Christ can perform a u-turn in your life and start you on a new paved path to a richer life.

Life and Ministry in Two Languages

It is just before 9:00 am on Sunday, July 10 as we pull into the dirt parking lot of Calvary Chapel Rosarito for morning worship services.

Calvary Chapel Rosarito

This morning, we will be experiencing a bilingual service. Can you say awesome?!

The place was moving with the Spirit of God resting upon the men, women, and children who entered these doors.

Calvary Chapel Rosarito Inside

The worship service was shared in both English and Spanish with the worship songs in both languages trading off periodically throughout each song.

Calvary Chapel Rosarito Inside 2

As our time in service neared its end, the Spirit moved in the lives of seven individuals who accepted Christ. It was captivating, refreshing and moving to experience church in a new and fresh way.

Two Service Projects

For our afternoon service project, we had two options:

  • Gravel the rest of the driveway
  • Paint the House

About twelve of us left to paint the house a nice mustard color while the remaining folks graveled the rest of the driveway and checked a broken pipe for the team.

House Paint Start

What is really exciting is that the children are so actively involved in each of these projects. As an adult serving alongside these kids and teens, my heart is hopeful for the future men and women they will become because of their servant’s heart.

Roof Paint

For most of the painters, we succeeded in getting more paint on the house then on ourselves.

A Painter's Symphony

When it was all said and done, most of the first floor of the house was done with just a small portion and the second floor to finish up.

Front House Done

As we returned to the campus, we saw the beautiful driveway the rest of the team had completed, and we all enjoyed a fabulous meal together after our heart work.

U-Turn At Just the Right Time

Our goal as a team is to serve the community we are living in and around the Rosarito area. Tonight, we met the family whose house we are building. They shared their story and a little bit about their family.

They have five children in the home and one that will be coming back to them in about fifteen days.

In February their home tragically burned in a fire. They were able to save some items and have been living in a one-room home with an outhouse for the past several months.

This home represents a fresh start – their U-Turn – a gift from God.

Family Prayer

We took the time to pray over the week, their family and the new home they will inhabit in four short days.

As we closed the day out, we enjoyed an evening of worship and charge to take our message of love, hope and u-turns into the communities we would be serving this week.

Evening Worship

This home will be a living, breathing testimony of God’s grace and love to a family who desperately needed a U-Turn.

Do you see the needs around you and in your community?

This week be on the lookout for the needs surrounding you and how you can help someone discover their u-turn moment.

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