Built With Love

Prayer On the Slab - Perez-Lopez Family

Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. – Psalm 127:1

Let the House Building Begin

This morning, our teams headed out in opposite directions to build their homes. One for the Garay Family – a custom home complete with indoor plumbing – built with love.

Structure of the Garay Family Home

A foundation paved the way at the Perez-Lopez Family build, and the team set forth to ask the Lord to build the house for this family.

Empty Slab

As the framing progressed, the house began to take shape. Walls formed the outer workings of a new home, and a bano was set in place.

Paul Framing with Caleb
Homeowner building a wall

Painting was the name of the game today. It made its way onto siding, trim pieces and on to our team members. This trip is about serving and restoring life to broken lives, but it’s also about having fun.

David Painting with Julie
Painting Mishap

The story being crafted this week is one that God has been weaving for some time, and it is our chance to join him as He crafts His masterpiece.

The smiles on the kids faces at VBS when a soccer ball shows up is magical. This year, the girls created their own little beauty parlor and painted some beautiful nails.

Arms Spread for Soccer Drills
Girl painting nails
A makeshift beauty parlor

Music, crafts and games were a big hit at VBS (as they always are), but nothing beats soccer. Drills and penalty kicks celebrated the fun you can have at an ABF VBS in Mexico.

Block that Kick

The day concluded with a round trip to the build sites to see the progress. As I walked up the hill to the Perez-Lopez home, the structure had four walls, siding, electrical and the roof joints were going in. When I left in the morning, there was one wall up.

Structure Walls Up at Perez Lopez Family Home
House Up

As the team came back from VBS, David (the little boy) played with some LEGO’s in his new home in what would be his bedroom. Sometimes we take for granted a roof over our head, and a bed to sleep on.

I finished the day at the Garay Family home that is going to be amazing. The perimeter walls are up, and a few of the interior walls were framed. A pile of wood blocks marked the remains of cuts that were completed.

Garay Family Day One Complete

The difference between a home and a house is a home is built with love as its foundation. Each day we serve these families, we help them build a home, not just a house.

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  1. Loving this! Brings back memories of our two years down there but also gives me a view of the future where so many get to see God’s hands at work.Praying that Christ comes to live in many hearts through the work of your hands and grace abounds!

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