Building a Better Tomorrow

It’s Monday, July 11th and our first day of the house build and VBS’ begin in earnest. Each day, you, our virtual team member, will join our team in Mexico to see and feel what we have experienced while here.

Today, we drop in on the first day of the house build in a community near the church. As we make our way up a series of dirt roads, we finally arrive at the family’s house.

Drive Up to House

The family’s house sits on top of a hill with a million dollar view, but it is the furthest from a million dollar neighborhood.

Their current home sits on the same location as the home that burned down a few short months ago.

Neighborhood View

Today marks a new beginning in the Navarro’s life. In four short days, their lives will change forever as they move into a new two bedroom home (320sf) with a living area and kitchen.

The Process

The frame is marked and measured to precision (almost) and it goes together with a few nails (some bend more than others) and a lot of tender loving care.

1st Wall Up

3 Walls Up

4 Walls Up

In just a couple of hours, a house can be seen in the neighborhood. While the frame went up, cutting and painting were taking place on the lower level.



The homeowner joins our team to help paint the sides of her new home.

Homeowner Painting

Siding on the house begins to go up, and it was hard work carrying the siding from the bottom of the job site to the new home location (but you might not have guessed that from Brad’s and Kaylee’s smiles).


House Siding Going UP

Inside the House

Ryan Aligning

The family has been living in the structure on the right (a one room dwelling) for the past several months. In the coming days, the Navarro family will move from this structure to their new home.

Old House-New House

Starburst Work

Gracey Hammering


Window View

Gracey Doing Electrical

Once a Slab, Now A Home

When we started in the morning, there was an empty slab waiting for a home. As the day concluded, we looked up the hill to saw a new home complete with openings for a door and windows.

Home with Windows

New Beginnings

In our lives, we sometimes cannot see past our fire damage to a new beginning. However, just like a new home under construction, God wants to transform us one room at a time.

Sometimes the change is instant and on other occasions, we need God to clean one room at a time and rebuild us.

What room in your heart is God rebuilding to make a better version of you?

Tomorrow, we will check in on the VBS at Las Delicias.

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