Today began like all the other days with waking before the alarm could fulfill its purpose. The problem is, it’s getting earlier and earlier each day. Today, I arose at 5:15 a.m. Yikes!

In the stillness of the morning air and light rain, I sat loading pictures to help tell the story of the incredible journey the team is on to build houses that a family can use to change generations to come.

Our photographs only capture a moment in time. I find the moments speed up when I move between homes. Thank goodness the houses are close to each other, so I get my exercise and see the progress of the homes.

As is the custom of the day, it begins with a prayer for the day and inviting the Lord to show us where we can join Him in the work He is already doing. We are the Hands and Feet of Jesus to these families.

New Casa’s Emerging

Imagine moving into your first home, but imagine if your house was built with sweat, tears, and love from strangers you did not know for a cost you could not pay back? How would you feel?

For the De La Rosa Family, they live about an hour away from the home we are building for them. Last night, they stayed at their new home to watch over it, protect it and guard it.

I cannot imagine the emotions that flooded their thoughts as they looked into the night sky and realized the house they were guarding was their house.

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Throughout the day, the homes began to take shape. The windows and doors were cut out, and the drywall made it’s way to the walls and ceilings. The plywood was anchored to the roof joists to create a real roof over their heads – perhaps one that will not leak for the first time in recent memory.

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We share that it is a labor of love, and we mean it, but it is one of the most rewarding experiences to see a slab of concrete transform into a new home that can anchor a family to a community.

Scripture tells us that a city on a hill is a beacon of hope to a hurting world. These homes are a beacon of hope to a community drawing others into a conversation of what the Lord can do for them, not just physically, but in their souls.

It is a new beginning, a fresh start from the past, and hope for a better tomorrow.

As one of the new homeowners looked inside her house, she exclaimed “Bonita” which means beautiful in Spanish. This simple word captures her emotions and feelings as she see’s her new home come to life.

Do you see your home as “Bonita”?

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

When we arrived at the church today, there was a ton of kids and parents alike waiting for the team. The word had gotten out about something happening at the church.

It is incredible what a jump rope and a soccer ball can do to draw in a community of children. Throw in some songs and a craft, and you are good to go for awhile.

[foogallery id=”959″]

Kids will be kids. They get a scuffle and feelings get hurt, but I witnessed today the power of reconciliation as Jesus intended it.

A child pinched one of our children on the cheek, and it hurt. The staff helped bring about reconciliation that ended in a kiss on the cheek from the offender, and soon they were laughing and joking like nothing ever happened. It was such a beautiful picture of God’s love and grace.

Tomorrow is the final day of VBS, and as quickly as it began on Monday, it is coming to an end. Our prayer for the kids is that real life change will take root in their young lives, and the church will be a blessing to them in their development.

Tomorrow…here we come – Day Three of the house build is upon us and the final day of VBS.


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