Bienvenidos Mexico

The morning air was heavy as the heat was already rising towards 100 degrees. As we rolled out from our pre-defined start locations, the team was quickly headed to Chula Vista to meet up.

As trips go, this could not have started any better. Well…we did have one team member who needed a new battery, but the blessing of AAA saved them.

We loaded up the vans and began the trek towards Ensenada. As we left the confines of the United States, we passed through the border check up with only a minor pass to a third inspection area for one of the vans.

Mexico or US

Turning towards the Pacific Ocean, we headed quickly out of Tijuana which is a stark contrast to it’s San Diego counterpart. The infamous wall lines the coast highway for several miles reminding us of the separation of borders.

Quickly Tijuana moves into our rearview mirror and the vast Pacific Ocean, and its blue-green sea rises to meet us with beautiful homes lining its beaches and unfinished hotels and condos.


Drawing near the port city of Ensenada, we were met with a bustling city festival as we wove through the streets and a giant Mexican flag waved Bienvenidos to us as we passed.

Mexican Flag

Turning inland, we continued our trek towards the YUGO campus. It took us just over 2.5 hours to go from San Diego to Ensenada, but you can experience our trip in a little over a minute.

(Click here if the video doesn’t work)

Tonight’s agenda included a meeting with each of our families whom we will be serving this week.

[foogallery id=”893″]

[foogallery id=”892″]

We are blessed to be working with the same foremen from last year on the homes, and we were greeted by old friends reminding us that our continued work in Mexico is a labor of love and friendship.

It’s one thing to see the videos of the families whom we will build a new home for, but meeting them in person brings it into perspective as we hear their excitement as they ready themselves for a new life adventure in a house that God will bless.

Tomorrow, we will meet the slabs of concrete that will transform into a home in just a few short hours. The theme this week is Together from Acts 2:44 which says, “And all who believed were together and had all things in common.” (emphasis added)

This week, we cannot build a house single-handedly, it will take all of us coming together to share the load. Please keep us in your prayers as we serve the community of Ensenada building two homes, conducting a Vacation Bible School (VBS), sharing Christ with children and neighbors, building into each other and looking for God to do amazing things in and thru us.

We are the Hands and Feet of Jesus this week. Join us on our journey and experience the life-change of our team and the families whom we serve. You can find us here or on Instagram.

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  1. Thank you for the detailed updates, photos and videos. We are lifting up all of you in prayer, and appreciate the timely accounts of your service in mexico. Keep the downloads coming!

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